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Publishing partners who choose to use digital text instead of page images are often concerned that an attractive print layout is available for readers (and authors) who want to print articles. We offer:

  • A fee-based Rapid Typesetting Service to our partners seeking a professionally-typeset print ready PDF version of their publications.
  • A print-friendly CSS stylesheet for all publications.

Or, you may prepare and provide your own PDFs if you require finer control over the position of figures in relation to page breaks, choice of fonts, typographic effects, etc.

You can create PDFs from the same source documents that you provide to Michigan Publishing, which are usually in a word-processor format like Microsoft Word or or in a page-layout format like Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Publisher, or Apple Pages. While Mac OS X and Linux provide native PDF generation, often as a choice when printing a document, windows users will need third-party software for creating PDFs.

Instead of creating print-ready documents from scratch, you might want to use a Microsoft Word template designed for this purpose. Here are some templates:

Keep in mind that you will need to insert DOIs into bibliographic references.

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