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This wiki contains documentation for publishing partners of Michigan Publishing.

Content in this wiki is available for reuse under a Creative Commons license. See the copyright page for more information.


[edit] Getting Started

General Planning

Business Models and Associated Costs

  • The SPARC Consulting Group provides guidance on business models to learned societies and other nonprofit organizations that want to make a switch to open access.
  • Common rates for editing, fact checking, indexing, layout, proofreading, and more.

Copyright and Licensing

  • Obtaining Copyright Permissions – This gives advice to an author or editor determining whether permission is required and how to obtain permission to use part or all of a copyrighted work in one's work.

Policies and Ethics

Managing submissions and peer review



  • Editors of journals might consider joining the Council of Editors of Learned Journals for advice and support from other journal editors, plus venues for advertising journals related to modern languages and literature.
  • There are also discipline-specific groups, such as CELxJ and LIS-Editors.

[edit] Working with us

[edit] Resource guides

[edit] Policies

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